• Leica GX1230 GG SmartRover GNSS RTK GPS

This Sale Including Complete and Ready to Work
• (1x 747957 2008 Leica ATX1230 GG SmartAntenna GPS Receiver
• (1x 747956 2005 Leica GX1230 GG GNSS GPS Base Receiver
• (1x 752847 2007 Leica RX1250Xc Field Controller
• (1x 770701 Leica AS10 GNSS Antenna
• (2x 733270 Leica GEB221 Li-ION Batteries
• (2x 733269 Leica GEB211 Battery
• (1x 733271 Leica GKL221 Pro Charger
• (2x 733323 Leica GDI221 Charging Plates
• (1x 667308 Leica GDF112 Tribrach with Optical Plummet
• (1x 667216 Leica GRT146 Tribrach Adapter
• (1x 636959 Leica 2.8 m Antenna Cable
• (1x 734275 MCF64 64MB Flash Card
• (1x 733299 Leica GEV163 1.2 m Cable to connect ATX1230 to RX1250Xc
• (1x 667244 Leica Height Hook
• (1x 747096 Leica GHT56 Controller
• (1x 667243 Leica Whip Antenna with 90 degree elbow
• (1x MND90292 Crain Alumilite GPS Rover Pole
• 1x 5198-056 Seco Pole Bracket with level vial and compass
• 1x 8206780 Pacific Crest 35watt Base Radio
• 1x 8214946 Pacific Crest GFU15-2 Rover Radio
• 1x A00911 Pacific Crest Antenna Cable
• 1x A00454 Pacific Crest GPS Interface Cable
• 1x A00393 Pacific Crest Battery Cable
• 1x A00978 Antenna Tripod
• 1x Leica PDF Instruction Manuals and Setup Guide

• The lightest, cable-free real-time GPS system in the world for demanding survey tasks in difficult to reach areas
• At only 6.2 lbs, the incredibly lightweight SmartRover is the ultimate real-time, field-based GNSS survey system for fast, accurate data gathering
• Achieves 1.0 cm accuracy using RTK radio modems (included) and 0.3cm acuracy using post-processed data
• SmartTrack+ GNSS measurement engine with SmartCheck for unsurpassed satellite tracking, best signal-to-noise ratios, jamming resistant, multipath mitigation        and low latency
• SmartTrack+ guarantees fast satellite acquisition and reliable tracking, evem to low satellites in poor conditions
• GX1230 GG Base can be used with PDL Radio and GSM phone modems. Static Observations can also be achieved using post-processed data
• Includes long-range Pacific Crest 35watt Base Radio for up to 12 km RTK range

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Leica GX1230 GG SmartRover GNSS RTK GPS

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