• Geomax 2017 Zoom 80S A10 Reflectorless Total Station

Geomax Zoom 80S A10 1"Reflectorless Servo Total Station

The advanced positioning technology of SCOUT360, TRACK360 & AIM360 provide surveyors with the most efficient way to do their job. STReAM 360 consists of Scouting, TRacking and AiMing.The Zoom80R models with wide angle search technology enable you to quickly locate the survey pole. Once located it continues to follow the prism when it is moved. All the survey work can be completed by only one person. With the 360° reflector there is no need to ever face the prism towards the total station. The SCOUT360 technology consists of a wide angle laser that scans the entire working area to quickly find the survey pole. All Zoom80 models include TRACK360 technology, providing continuous tracking of targets. Once locked onto a prism the instrument will remain precisely targetted, even when the prism is moving. This dramatically speeds up the measurement process of detail surveys, since no manual alignment to the prism is needed. AIM360 aims the telescope precisely at any prism. The aiming process is performed faster and more accurately than manually possible.

GeoMax Robotic Surveying clearly provides significant cost and time savings for all measurement tasks.

Please contact our sales for more information : www.mandirisurveyutama.com

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Geomax 2017 Zoom 80S A10 Reflectorless Total Station

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