• Pentax 2017 R-2500N Total station

Pentax 2017 R-2500N Total station

1'', 2'', 3'' and 5'' Angular accuracy

Triple axial compensator for 1'' and 2'' accuracies

Dual axial compensator for 3'' and 5'' accuracies

30 x Magnification 

45mm ( EDM45mm ) Effective aperture 

3.0”  Resolving power 

2.6% ( 1°30’ ) Field of view

1.0m  Minimum focus 

600m  Reflectorless, 7000m~ 9000m to single prism distance measurement range

1.5m ~ 10m : ±(3+2ppm x D)mm Prism Accuracy

1.5m ~ 150m : ±(3+2ppm x D)mm Reflectorless Accuracy

At Auto-ATM. correction Prism 1.5m ~ 10m : ±(3+10ppm x D)mm , Reflectorless 1.5m ~ 300m : ±(5+10ppm x D)mm ,300m ~ : ±(7+18ppm x D)mm 

Initial measurement time. Normal(1mm) Prism 2.5sec. Ref.less 2.4sec. 

Absolute rotary encoder Angle measurement Measuring method

Vertical / Horizontal angle Detection method

Laser Plummet 

Internal Memory,Coordinates data 60.000 points storage and on-board PowerTopoLite software

RS-232C, SD CARD, USB, Bluetooth Interface

Display and Keyboard : 22 each(12 numeric / 5 function / 5 special)

Operating system: Windows CE

Operating period: Continuous approx. 4.5 hrs (ETH+EDM), 15 hrs (ETH) with approx. 2.2 hrs of charging time

Protection class: IP66

Applications: station set up and measurements, Free stations, Stakeouts, GOGO calculations, Remote Elevation Measurement (REM), Remote Distance Measurement (RDM), Virtual Plane Measurement( VPM), Traverse, Area calculations, 3Dsurface and volume calculations.

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Pentax 2017 R-2500N Total station

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