Topcon Cygnus KS-102 2" TOTAL STATION

The Topcon Cygnus KS-102 Reflectorless Total Station is the perfect solution for surveyors and construction engineers seeking a superior product at a reasonable price. Featuring long range reflectorless measurement, a built in laser pointer, large internal memory, and long-life battery, the Cygnus KS-102 enables you to take precise measurements right from the start.

Long Range Reflectorless Measurement

The Topcon Reflectorless Total Station allows you to measure without a prism up to a distance of nearly 700 feet. Safely measure to dangerous or difficult locations like bridges, overhead power lines, or scaffolding without worrying about safety. Or, add a single prism and extend the measuring distance of the KS-102 up to nearly 7,000 feet, using the laser pointer to aid in layout work. Combined with the 30x magnification, 3 arcsecond resolving power, and 2-second accuracy, you can be confident the Cygnus gives you the accuracy you need to get the job done.

Superior Internal Memory

Store up to 24,000 points in the Topcon Surveying Total Station's internal memory. You can also use the included RS232C serial cable to transfer data to a PC or laptop for processing with your favorite software application.

User Friendly

Topcon's reflectorless total station features an intuitive interface designed to make it easy to get started taking accurate measurements right from the start, even for beginners. Dual LCD graphic screens make it simple to read data from any angle, while the star key gives the user quick access to six common functions. Long life batteries last up to 3 days with only one charge so you can get the job done without interruption. In addition, the keyboard's 24 alphanumeric keys allow you to enter data as numbers, symbols, or letters, giving you complete flexibility.

The long range reflectorless measurement, laser pointer, long-life battery, and 24,000 point internal memory of the Topcon Cygnus KS-102 Reflectorless Total Station (2-Second) ensure you take accurate measurements with ease, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

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